• Training and support for CoaguChek XS users

Training & support for CoaguChek users

Before you begin

If you are a candidate for INR self-testing, but have not yet purchased your CoaguChek® XS, we highly recommend that you visit our shop or call the CoaguChek Careline for more information on 0808 100 7666 (UK), 1 800 992 868 (Ireland).


Getting Started

If you have purchased your CoaguChek® XS and need more information on its use, we offer several options:


I know my number

  • CoaguChek Sales PackAccompanying every purchase of a CoaguChek XS meter, the sales pack includes educational material and a step by step guide covering meter set up and performing a test.
  • CoaguChek eLearning CoaguChek Academy is an online training suite designed to give you a quick start after purchasing your CoaguChek XS.  You will be issued with a certificate upon completion of your training.  CoaguChek Academy.
  • Careline training - For a one to one call to talk through meter set up and practice a test, please call the freephone care line on 0808 100 7666 (UK), 1 800 992 868 (Ireland).
  • Coaguchek XS handling videos - Finally, for immediate assistance in using your CoaguChek XS, we offer two videos that will help you set up your CoaguChek XS and do your first test.  This is also available as a DVD.

A handling video to help you set up your CoaguChek XS and begin testing.