About oral anticoagulants

Your doctor has prescribed for you a type of medicine called an oral anticoagulant, such as warfarin, also know as Coumadin, Jantoven, Marevan, Lawarin, Waran, and Warfant. These drugs are used to prevent the development of blood clots.

These drugs, collectively known as Vitamin K antagonists, have been used for over 60 years. Doctors are very familiar with their effects and safety profile. Despite newer drugs becoming available, many scientific studies and clinical experience show that VKAs are very effective in reducing the risk of stroke and have few side-effects.

It is important to keep your blood’s clotting time within the range prescribed by your doctor. You may need to take your anticoagulant for a few weeks, months or even for the rest of your life. But no matter how long, your levels need to be regularly measured and that’s where INR self-testing is a great benefit.

But remember – you are far from being alone. There are over 6 million people worldwide taking long-term oral anticoagulants.