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Coagulation Monitoring with the CoaguChek® INRange



If you have one of the conditions managed by long-term warfarin treatment, self-monitoring your INR can really make a difference. These are the three most common conditions. Follow the links for more information:



1. Atrial Fibrilliation 

2. Heart Valves

3. Venous Thromboembolism


More and more people on warfarin are experiencing the benefits of self-testing with CoaguChek INRange. The training is straightforward and you will quickly get into a routine that suits your lifestyle. You will no longer be tied to regular clinic appointments and you will feel more in control of your anti-caogulation therapy - and back in control of your life! 

Patients who self-test often comment on how much more in control they feel, because they experience how diet, sleep, alcohol etc. can influence their INR levels. They start to understand their body and how it responds to warfarin.

The CoaguChek INRange is light, portable and the strips do not require refrigeration. When you go about your daily life, or even abroad on an extended trip, you can maintain your self-monitoring schedule.

Click on the links in this section to see more about the conditions that may require you to be on warfarin therapy. Or download the patient leaflet to learn more about coagulation monitoring.