• Monitor your INR levels anytime, anywhere1

    with the CoaguChek® INRange

CoaguChek® XS Connect – simple yet powerful


CoaguChek® XS Connect

The CoaguChek XS Connect is a small, compact device for downloading your INR results from the CoaguChek XS system to a computer for easy interpretation and action. It can connect to both your home computer and your doctor’s computer at the clinic.

  • Plug and Play without installing software
  • Quick and Easy – Just place a CoaguChek XS in front the Connect, and it does the rest.
  • Creates easy to understand reports on patient’s Time in Therapeutic Range

The CoaguChek XS Connect enables you and your doctor to review, analyze and document INR results and trends quickly and conveniently to aid in controling your oral anticoagulant therapy.  In combination with the CoaguChek XS system, the CoaguChek XS Connect device gives you and your doctor clear and concise information to make on the spot informed decisions regarding your therapy.


CoaguChek® XS Connect

The CoaguChek Connect does not require software installation, just plug it in and let Windows do the rest.

System components:

  • CoaguChek Connect
  • CD-ROM containing manuals
  • Getting Started Guide

Simple yet powerful:

  • Minimum computer literacy required
  • Several languages can be used
  • Flexible and portable
  • No batteries needed: powered by your computer
  • Easy print-out via external printer connected to your computer
Minimum system requirements: A computer with a free USB port
A printer (if you wish to print out reports)

Required software:

- Microsoft Windows XP/Vista
- Internet Explorer 6.0 or Firefox 2.0
- Excel 2002

Screen resolution: 1024 x 768 pixels

Language selection

1 out of 8 languages :Danish, Dutch, English (default), French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish



Maximum power consumption 5 V DC/ 100 mA, taken from USB

Size 104 mm x 74 mm x 38 mm

Weight 90 g

Temperature range 5°C – 40°C (41°F – 104°F)

The simple way to download INR results

The CoaguChek XS Connect device is a compact, simple instrument for downloading INR results to a computer for easy interpretation and action.

When connected to a PC, the CoaguChek XS Connect device is recognized by the computer as a mass storage device (MSD) i.e. a drive with removable disk (similar to a USB memory stick).  Results information from the uploaded devices plus the drivers to load the user interface appear as files on this drive and are not transferred to the hard disk of the computer.


After a few seconds, read the results on your computer's screen



the CoaguChek XS Connect device into your computer using the USB connector.


the CoaguChek XS Connect device in front of the infrared window of the CoaguChek XS meter.


the results are shown on the computer screen as easy-to-read charts and graphs.

Many settings and options are available:


Result can be displayed in different units: INR, Quick %, Seconds




Results and trends reports can be customized graphically, with e.g. various time settings: last value, 4, 12, 24, 52 and 104 weeks.




Another option to get a report


Sending a report by e-mail is easy: you can feel safe by sending your results and trends to your doctor, so that he can help you!


Getting an overview on your INR trends has never been so easy.

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1. What will you need for your CoaguChek XS Connect device?

The following components come with your unit:

  • A CoaguChek XS Connect device unit with a USB connector
  • Manual on CD-ROM
  • Quick reference instructions (CD insert)

You will also need the following:

  • A PC with a free USB interface
  • A Microsoft Windows XP or Vista operating system (older systems do not provide integrated USB support)
  • An installed Internet browser (ex.: Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.x and later, Firefox 2.x and later)
  • The user interface of the CoaguChek XS Connect device has been optimized for a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels: you should use a monitor set to this resolution (or higher).
  • If you wish to print out the reports, you will also need a printer connected to the PC.
2. How do I connect my CoaguChek XS Connect device?

Plug the USB connector of the CoaguChek XS Connect unit into a free USB port on your computer.

Once this is done the center display area of the CoaguChek XS Connect unit and blue dots on the left and right will light up. At the same time, the computer recognizes the CoaguChek XS Connect system as a removable medium (similar to a USB memory stick). The dots at the top and bottom of the display will then begin to flash slowly.

The CoaguChek XS Connect device is now ready to read data from a CoaguChek XS monitor.

3. How should I position the CoaguChek XS Connect device and the CoaguChek XS system?

Place the device maximum 2 cm away from the infrared window on the CoaguChek XS Connect unit.

Both infrared windows must be aligned to one another.

4. What to do if I have an error without error signal?

The CoaguChek XS Connect device fails to appear on the PC as a drive:

  • Check whether your PC and your operating system satisfy the system requirements for the CoaguChek XS Connect device.
    Unplug/plug the CoaguChek XS Connect device into the USB port of the computer
  • If the CoaguChek XS Connect system is still not recognized as a drive, plug the device into a different USB port on your PC (you may be able to use a USB hub or choose between USB ports on the front and rear of your PC).

If it is still not working, please use another computer.

If still not resolved, please contact your local Roche representative.

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