Clinical Governance in self-monitoring

Clinical Governance Pack

Clinical Governance Pack

Implementing a clinical governance framework in to services supporting patients self-monitoring their warfarin treatment is central to safeguarding high standards of clinical care. As clinical governance encompasses both quality improvement and accountability, systems for both must be developed fully if the highest levels of quality of care and professional performance are to be shown to have been achieved.

In light of this, Roche Diagnostics have collaborated with the National Centre for Anticoagulation Training to provide an interactive resource that highlights best-practice evidence-based answers to key issues that may arise when supporting self-monitoring of patients on long-term warfarin treatment.

The information contained within the resource can be used to support the implementation of a self-monitoring service and safeguard high standards of care. It illustrates how best practice in self-monitoring embodies:

  • Recognisably high standards of care
  • Transparent responsibility and accountability for those standards
  • Constant improvement